Driver Cab

The new generation of vehicles enjoys an original style and engineering solution from the partition down to the driver's workplace (the console desk). Each component of the cab was considered. The main objective of our team was to create an integrated, modern and driver-friendly environment which should ensure comfortable working conditions throughout the driver’s work day.
The crucial task in developing the new driver’s workplace was to create a comfortable work environment with a special emphasis on: observability and seating comfort, instrument and control locations, free space and storage locations.
Concept Research
The search for stylistic solutions for the workplace took into account not only the creation of modern shapes and graphic solutions, but also the possibility of creating various versions of the elements of the workplace, depending on the requirements of the customer.

For example, the ability to install touch controls instead of physical switches or different types of partitions for the driver's cab.
Control Panel
The new control panel has a knee-and-column arrangement. The new panel is distinguished among similar competitive solutions by its more compact construction, the symmetry with respect to the longitudinal axis of the steering post, as well as by various versions of controls (physical switches, membrane or sensor controls).

The Workplace Solution
The workplace solution for the body of the new, fifth, generation of Olgerd vehicles is the consistent refinement of the workplace developed by our team for the fourth generation of BKM vehicles, the Vityaz series. Despite the smaller dimensions, the new workplace offers a number of benefits: more comfortable driving position, better observability and arrangement of controls.
The driver cab partition has three variants – enclosed featuring two doors to the passenger compartment, enclosed with one door leading to the passenger compartment and one – to the cab, and open having two cab doors. The design enjoys a high level of standard components and elements molded using the same equipment but having differing cutting schemes. The partition is designed so that regardless of the variant it can be mounted on the standardized body frame at last stages of assembly.
Exterior of the 321 trolleybus
Trolleybus exterior VITOVT 43300D
Exterior design of electric bus E321