Project Goal
Outsourcing chassis or bodies at a trusted manufacturer and its subsequent redesign and assembly using localized components is a global practice.
BKM-Ukraine LLC one such enterprise. The Company’s trolleybus manufacture is localized in Lutsk, and uses knocked down sets produced by Belkommunmash; however, the Ukrainian Company strives not only to localize certain production but to develop an original product.
The Company has set before us the task of “improving the quality level of exterior design of the outsourced bodies” to our team.
Concept Research
The designers were tasked with creating an original visual solution which should convey and expressive and vivid image equally suited for cities and small towns while avoiding any major changes of the body structure and overall dimensions.
The new elements of trolleybus front and rear bodies, as well as roof skirting are designed to be made of composite materials. The new mold making approaches and component design helped to improve surfaces, as well as assembling ease and accuracy.
Selection of Components
The new body now has not only attractive modern exterior, but also an advanced lighting system which ensures comfort of the driver and improves safety of other road users. These improvements were made possible by careful selection of the lighting system components and novel arrangement solutions.
Trolleybus exterior VITOVT 43300D
Driver cab of electric bus E321
Exterior design of electric bus E321